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Bible Study

Studying the Bible is a very important part of a christen life. Through bible study, we are able to know more about God spiritually. We can never understand the love of God without studying the bible. There are ways in which we are supposed to study the bible. We are supposed to understand how to study the bible in a good way and we need to rely on the Holy Spirit to guide us. There is hidden wisdom in the bible since it’s a spiritual book. We, therefore, need to study the bible following guidance from the Holy Spirit for us to understand this spiritual wisdom. If you rely on your natural mind, you cannot understand the bible. Neither can we use your natural wisdom to interpret it? We must allow the Holy Spirit to take control over us and guide us to understand the message.

A lot of people all over the world believe that they understand the bible. But the fact is that they do the interpretation based on their natural wisdom. We cannot gain any benefit from the bible if we use natural wisdom when studying. We must unlock the spiritual wisdom of the word of God. For us to achieve this, we must listen to the spirit of God. Nowadays, there are a lot of denominations all over the world and this is just but a result of improper interpretation of the word of God.

When we read the scriptures, we find that the Word of God tells us to rightly divide the word of truth in the bible. But how do we do this? We use the keyword to divide the word of God. If you want to study the bible and have a good understanding of the message, you need to involve in the keyword study. This is done by looking for some word within the bible pages. A concordance is used to find a certain word throughout the scriptures. Using the keywords contained therein, we are able to study the verses. We are able to see what God is trying to communicate with us. To study the word of God, we use the dictionary of God.

You can now see that there is no way we can define the word when we rely on our natural wisdom. There are ways in which God defines certain words and you can only know this by studying them keenly. We can have an example where through study; you will come to realize that fire in the bible represents the Holy Spirit. Through this, we are able to know that whenever we see the word “fire”, we know that it is defining the Holy Spirit on many occasions. We cannot define fire as we know it naturally. This is the case when it comes to many words in the bible.

We all have problems when it comes to understanding the word of God. You will not frustrate the Grace of God when you have this in mind. There is no way you can understand the bible without the intervention of the Holy Spirit.

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