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Ways of Preventing Cancer in Firefighters

Cancer is recognized as the most hazardous threats to the lives of firefighters. Compared with the rest of the population, fire fighters are the most exposed group of people to cancer. This is because of the carcinogens and toxics they are being exposed to during their performance. The issue that is of high concern in the firefighting industry is firefighter cancer. It is therefore important to create awareness on the effects of firefighting and the ways to help prevent cancer among firefighters. It is important for firefighting companies to know the level at which firefighters are exposed to cancer, the different ways of controlling it and the best way to keep them safe. Organizations have come up with various ways to help prevent cancer during firefighting. The following are ways that will help prevent cancer in firefighting.

Using skin decontamination wipes. The skin is the route of cancer exposure to firefighters. During firefighting, one is usually exposed to chemicals in the process. Cleaning wipes for the skin have been considered to help prevent the effects of the chemicals present during firefighting. It is one of firefighter decontamination approaches. These wipes are made in a way that can eliminate dangerous carcinogens from the skin before absorption into the body. This is very helpful to firefighters. During firefighting, temperature goes up. The absorption process of the skin goes high when this happens. The wipes have been tested and results have shown that they are good for firefighters cancer prevention. They clear the impurities without causing skin dryness. They give a lasting protection effect to firefighters.

The use of sauna therapy to prevent firefighter cancer. Saunas have been good in helping give solution to different health problems including improving cardiovascular health. A reliable study shows that when sauna is coupled with hydration, good sleep and exercise, improves health condition. It is beneficial in levelling body chemicals. The ability of saunas to lower body chemicals is what makes it beneficial in prevention of firefighter cancer. The chemicals are removed from the body through sweating. It also helps the firefighter stay fit for performance.

The other way is taking responsibility for your own life as a firefighter. Much attention is put on chemicals that cause cancer during firefighting. Other factors that expose firefighters to cancer are ignored. Having low fats in your body is good as you are less exposed to firefighter cancer. A good research shows that most volunteers for firefighting are overweight. This is according to a good research. Firefighters need to understand that they have a part in preventing firefighter cancer. This can be done by taking personal health care steps like exercising and avoiding smoking. Firefighters be careful by ensuring all the important tools are in place before firefighting. This will help minimize the cost of contamination.

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