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Healthcare Efforts to Empower Women

Women from around the world need to be empowered now more than ever. Top indicators for women social empowerment revolve around life expectancy rates, gender inequality base, fertility rates, and sex ratios. These indicators show the overall status of women when it comes to economic growth, literacy, their education status, availability of heath are and birth control facilities, literacy rates, age at marriage, and their participation outside of the home.

Until this day, gender inequality is rampant across the world. The base of gender inequality is very poor among significant countries all over the world. Sex ratio in Asia alone is against women. Despite improvements in worldwide life expectancy, not much has changed in the global status of women across the world. Across the world, fertility rates have also taken a plunge down. While this is a good thing, its positive impact is not as much as most people want. Some countries even show gender gaps in literacy rates. In terms of literacy rates across females in developing countries, they are not at all encouraging.

Until this day, many factors affect global women empowerment. One such issue revolves around the healthcare system. Others should never undermine the health of women in society and even themselves. Women should have every right to value their health. The thing about women’s health is that they go through different stages in their lives with difficulty in terms of their health. The healthcare needs of women are never the same as those of men.

Despite global efforts to provide for the healthcare needs of women, some methods are still prejudiced against women. There are people who engage in heinous crimes to take advantage of women. There are also issues of high maternal mortality and infant mortality rates. Early child marriages are the main reason for these high rates.

A lot of women around the globe don’t have adequate access to quality health care. Some women cannot even make informed choices about their reproductive rights. Some women don’t even have access to affordable family planning methods of choice. You can say that there is also a lack of proper awareness and education among women in this regard. They become more susceptible to communicable diseases around them like STDs.

Most of these women don’t have access to recent knowledge on health care and nutrition. This fact makes them underutilize and take alternative medicine systems for granted. To make things work for all women, alternative treatments should work hand in hand with mainstream healthcare systems. Women can get quality health care that is reasonable when you combine these systems. The government through women’s healthcare associations can also contribute to empowering women by providing for their healthcare needs. You find many OBGYN doctors and women’s healthcare clinics that provide for the health and well-being of all women.

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