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How to Prevent Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is when there is a delay in the recognition of important information that is required to safely complete a driving task because the driver was distracted by an activity, an object, or an event. The driver can also be distracted by an outside person or within the vehicle which compels the driver to shift their attention from the driving mission. The most common kinds of distractions that drivers have are visual and this makes the driver take off their eyes from the road. There is also the cognitive and in this case the driver takes off their mind from the driving task. We also have the manual type of distraction and this is where the driver takes their hands off the wheel. Any type of distraction can cause serious issues that can lead to serious accidents.
Distracted driving has been the number one cause of deaths and traffic accidents. On average 1,275 people (workers) die each year because of auto crashes on public highways. According to statistics provided by OSHA, motor vehicle accidents cost employers around $60 billion annually in providing medical care, paying for property damages, legal expenses, and additional expenses in lost productivity. When it is an average crash, it costs the employer $16,500. However, if there are injuries as a result of the fatal accident then the employer has to pay up to $74,000. If the motor crash results in death the employer has to pay even more estimated at $500,000.
Answering phone calls is the most common type of distraction when one is driving. You will find that most people do it anyway, despite the practice being quite dangerous. Even when one has their headsets on this does not help as much because the conversation is what is going to take your focus and your mind off the road. Texting when you are driving. This is also another common cause of serious motor accidents, you will take your hands off the steering and occasionally you have to glance at your mobile phone. The results of such behaviors are disastrous. Reading maps is also another form of distraction. When driving on unfamiliar roads, one needs a map for reference. Reading the map will take your concentration from the wheel, and just a few seconds of glancing at a roadmap can make the driver cause serious accidents.
One way that distracted driving can be prevented is by installing Drive Screen software. Companies can work hand in hand with technology partners and also mobile mounting solutions and GPS screen blanking software services. Such services when installed on vehicles can eliminate distractions that occur due to mobile devices. Such programs can manage the drivers’ interactions using the laptop when the motor vehicle is in motion. These programs are configurable and quite flexible. They also provide back-end support to the mobile system manager. It is always important that the drivers pay attention when driving if we are to stay and also keep others safe. Avoid unnecessary distractions while driving.

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