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The Health Benefits of Indoor Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an outdoor sports that can help build your strength and keep fit. However, if you live in the city, you cannot have access to these sports. The good thing is that today, you can find many fitness centers that have indoor rock climbing walls where you can have the experience of rock climbing without having to spend time and money to access outdoor rock climbing venues. Rock climbing is great for your health and is a fun and exciting thing to do. You get a lot of health benefits from indoor rock climbing which we shall look at below.

When you do rock climbing you are actually performing a total body workout. Both your upper and lower body muscles are working. When pulling yourself up, the muscles in your arms and back are worked out. You also engage the muscles of your core, quads, and calves to stabilize your body while climbing. So, you don’t have to workout different muscle groups with different workouts. With just a single rock climbing workout, all the muscles of your body is worked out. However, before beginning your rock climbing, make sure that you do warm up and stretching exercises in order to prevent potential injuries during your activity.

If you want to be able to move your body freely without experiencing injuries, then you need to have an appropriate range of motion for every joint in your body. Regular rock climbing can help increase your flexibility and range of motion. In one workout, you don’t only move your body up, but down and to the sides as well. Your body will the learn to move n all three planes of motion because of the constant change in direction.

With rock climbing, your strength and cardio will improve. IN a single session you can do both strength and cardio at the same time. Your heart rate can increase because of the constant movement in climbing. It also allows you to build your muscles since you carry your whole body weight from one position to another.

Another benefit of rock climbing is the improvement in your grip strength since it is grip strength that helps you make it up the wall. With grip strength, you can lift heavier weights and you can hold your dog leash’s back when we tugs on it, and you can hold you grocery bags longer.

Your brain function can be boosted with rock climbing. The reason for this is that rock climbing involves problem solving and body awareness. In order to avoid falling you need to decide where to put your hands and feet. You also need to decide on the best time to shift your weight to a new position. Your brain’s processing capabilities will greatly improve with these decisions you make every moment.

IF you want to workout all the muscles in your body and save time on the gym, then rock climbing is the perfect addition to your current fitness routine. With rock climbing, both your mind and your body are exercised.

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