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Distillery Etiquette to Make the Most of Your Whisky Tour

When people think about whiskey, the country that pops to mind first is Scotland. Synonymous with lush green scenery, it also happens to be among the most fantastic places on earth to get top quality Scotch Whisky from various makers. Nowadays, there are other whiskey manufacturers in different continents all over the world. Most of these distilleries allow tastings and tours by outside visitors, which is why before you visit any of them you should get up to speed with some basic etiquette to make the most of your Whisky tour. Below are some tips on how you can make your Whisky tour experience memorable.

Regardless of your relation to the owners of a distillery, never namedrop expecting to receive special treatment. Showing up unannounced during peak hours and expecting a private tour simply because you know the owners, is a sure way of irritating employees at the distillery, more so distilleries with smaller staff. To avoid this, call the distillery ahead of time and book an appointment. You Should also be considerate enough to not show up with large groups of people unannounced, which tends to be very distracting for the people at the tasting bar.

The shiny copper stills may be very beautiful and good to look at, but at all costs avoid touching them. The majority of whiskey manufacturers offer tastings and tours revolving around their working stills which needless to say, are run very hot. Therefore, remember to never touch the equipment no matter how tempting it may be. Also, unless otherwise given the go-ahead avoid dipping their hands into the fermenting tanks either.

Never reiterate bad experiences that made you swear off certain spirits for life. If in the past you have ever gotten sick off of drinking a particular spirit, it is best to stay open-minded and avoid reminding everyone of your bad experience. People have different palates, which may change gradually into adulthood, hence spirits that may have brought unpleasant experiences in the past may be surprisingly good at the moment. Additionally, always remember that significant time, effort and love get invested in producing spirits, hence at the very least you should speak your mind politely and remain open to suggestions from the staff you will interact with.

Self-control is a virtue, and a particularly important one during whiskey tours. It is necessary to have self-control, keeping in mind that the average whiskey has alcohol content of between 40{300bf6cc4ccdbf8e4cbd698afe5f790407fc629b411c367c3797d6146e10b4e0}-60{300bf6cc4ccdbf8e4cbd698afe5f790407fc629b411c367c3797d6146e10b4e0}. This is a very strong drink by anyone’s standards, which is why you should pace yourself and take everything easy. Hence, avoid overindulging and keep your wits about you whenever you go on a Whisky tour.

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