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Since the time when the Persian rug Weavers brought the art and skill of weaving of best quality rugs into India, the industry has steadily and continuously grown passing on from one generation to another.

Having grown from there the Indian antique rugs can be subdivided into two main subsets which distinctly find the roots in those years of the century 16 when the Persian rug Weavers came to India.

The changing times and Seasons since the 16th century to the current times very little has changed in the classification of the Indian antique rugs under the northern India style which was so much impacted upon by the art and craft of the Persians when they migrated into India Establishing Industries that are built and managed by families across the different centuries until today.

Useful channeling of prisoners labor back in the century 16 served as an important Turning Point in the production of Indian antique rugs which over the many years have got to be classified as the Agra style of Indian rugs?

Most of the individuals who purchased the Indian antique rugs prefer the northern style antique rugs simply because they have pashmina wool that is placed in beautiful patterns of knotted piles bringing out the beauty and the skinny in the art and craft of creating such beautiful masterpieces since those times in memorial.

The increasing European market has stimulated the production and manufacturing of the northern style Indian rocks which are heavily influenced by the fusing of the Indian and Persian way of producing high-quality standard rugs.

The Deep rich colors of the Agra style of Indian antique rugs distinctively define The richness of Colour in production of the Indian antique rugs under this classification of the Agra Style Indian antique rugs.

The different cultures that came together during the production of the different antique rugs determined the color and the button combinations that were infused in the specific drugs that have produced over that period of time the form this has helped inform some of the most important uses and applications of each Indian antique rug in the market today.

As you go through the different collections of the Indian antique rugs on this website once you arrive at one that is most impressive to you the salesperson will help you go through the process of checking out the prices and even selecting the best payment method all this done online to help make your work using fast and efficient.

This website also offers you an opportunity to make a choice of the specific Indian antique rug by the rug size of your choice that meets your exact needs.

To most of the shop’s customers, the one attribute that keeps them coming for these Indian antique rugs is consistency in quality.

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