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Reasons Why You Should Consider Joining a UC Administrative Network

Most professionals have membership in unions that you present them and help them get the best treatment possible at work. However, there are other categories of workers who are not represented by any unions, associations, or other organizations. Such UC workers will not have various privileges such as a voice at work, job security, guaranteed salary increments, clear guidelines for their work, fair performance reviews, being protected from unfair treatment, and so much more. However, such workers can unite and create a voice for themselves so that they can also be fairly treated and get what their counterparts are getting at work. Some of the job titles that fall in these categories are analysts, executive assistants, specialists, coders, etc. If you are a UC staff who is unrepresented and would like to have a voice, you need to consider joining a UC administrative network that helps you get this done together with others who are going through the same thing as you are. Learn the benefits that you can gain from joining such an administrative network in this article.

You will have a greater voice in your work and more opportunities in your career by joining such an administrative network. When you connect as workers who do not have representation, then you can together gain a voice and get what you deserve when working as UC staff. You will together have a voice whereby you can collectively bargain with UC and get better terms for your employment and chances for growth in your career. The Higher Education Employee-Employer Relations Act stipulates various rights for all UC staff, and joining such an administrative network will help you to understand and exercise your rights. There are also different resources available that, once utilized, can help improve your work life, protect you, and expand your opportunities. You will become aware of all these rights and resources and get to apply them for the betterment of your work life. You can be sure to get better chances of thriving in your career and having what you deserve when you have a voice.

You can participate in the administrative network in different ways. Such a UC administrative network will have various things to be done when it is initially started, and there is a way that you can contribute to its efforts in a big or small way. You can decide to join and offer services in an area that you are skilled at or what you can afford to give, given the time that you have in your hands. Thus, you don’t have to be worried that it will take a lot of your time, but you can get to conveniently be part of the administrative network and do what is in your area of skill. For instance, you can join and decide to be attending meetings, host a meeting, join an app, talk to your coworkers, help speak to workers at other campuses, help manage the website and other communications, etc.

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