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What You Need to Look at When Buying Used Excavators

Buying a new excavator is a capital intensive investment, it is pricey, and it may affect the cash flow of your business if you lack sufficient capital. That is why it may be reasonable to consider a used excavator to help you save some money on the earth moving equipment. However, proper precautions and examinations need to be performed when buying a used excavator to ensure the machine is in good shape. The purpose is to ensure all aspects of the machine work efficiently to match its value and current condition. The article outlines various factors you need to consider when buying used earthmoving equipment.

The first thing you need to do is to confirm the validity of the hours’ meter. Make sure you check the hours’ meter before purchasing an excavator. Looking at the hours’ meter can give you an idea of how long the excavator has been in use, however, some people may temper with it. When you find questioning the validity of the meter, look at the control pedals. If the pedals are worn out substantially, the chances are that the hours’ meter is non-operational or someone has interfered with it. If you have access to the previous owner, contact him and try to get details regarding the excavator’s previous usage before making your final decision.

The other thing you need to do is to check for play or the movement in the swing radius. Check for play or movement on the slew ring, which is not part of the normal operations. This is because when the hydraulics of the excavator is rotated, it needs to be tight and smooth without unusual movements. Therefore, check all connection points, particularly between the stick, boom, and bucket. At the same time, check for loose play on bushing and pins. Loose connections result in unnecessary movements leading to the excavator being less accurate or inconsistent. You need to know that a slew ring is among the most expensive parts to replace in an excavator and therefore ensure it is not damaged before you buy the machine.

When buying a used excavator, it is imperative you pay attention to the availability of replacement parts. The challenge of buying an excavator that is too old is that you may not find spare parts in case the machine beak down. Unlike cars produced in great quantities and their parts, excavators are produced in relatively low amounts. This makes access to their parts a challenge when the excavator manufacturer stops producing them because the parts were not many in the market. For this reason, be discreet when buying a used excavator and ensure you know where you can buy its parts in case it breaks down. It can be costly and frustrating to discard your machine once it breaks down because you cannot access its parts when it needs repairs or maintenance. Where possible, buy an excavator not older than 15 years. Those are few things you need to consider when purchasing a used excavator.

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