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Sewing is the craft of fastening and attaching objects using stitches made with needles and treads. This is an industry that has been in existence since time immemorial in early days they used do sew animal hides using bones to make different commodities like clothes and even blankets which were used to trade. This industry has evolved and new innovations and inventions being put into work over time hence greater advancement in today’s sewing industries as compared to those of early days .

Use of machines is one of those inventions that has greatly improved this industry since for a thousand of years sewing was done using hands. Machines are equipments used to make work easy. This machines are more affordable and less time of training is required. This has led to expansion of the cloth making industries hence many women and men being their own boss and also employing others. It has improved the living standards of people and also led to the emergence of fashion industries. Sewing is also being taught at higher levels of learning by introduction of causes like fashion and design. It has led to emergence of events where different sewers showcase their creativity which is known as modeling. It has also benefitted the engineers who make this machines and continue advancing the machines according to the new technology. These machines are made for broad range of specialized sewing purposes. Different businesses has been started where they sell spare parts of this machines such as handwheel, bobbin winder stopper, take up level, needle screw pressure foot among others.

Sewing machine 221 sale is a business that sells new sewing machines of high quality and assured durability ,they also sell spare parts of sewing machines at a very affordable and cheap prices . They offer a variety of spare parts for their customers to choose from. They sell machines from different companies including Kenmore sears sewing machines.

They have a website that is used to bring together the buyers and the business as one family, this website is updated five times per day hence their customers are in a position to know what is new in the stores. Customers also use the website to check whether the parts that they require are available and also give their comment on the kind of services that are offered by the business. The website saves the customers money and time since they don’t have to move from one store to another in search of an equipment.

They also give advise on the maintenance of the machines and on the procedure on some problems that may cause the machines to stop functioning for example installing the spare parts, preventing thread jam, avoiding skipped stitches, wiring diagram, removing burrs, replacing motor belt among others. They advise their customers to purchase the appropriate machines for their machines to avoid problems when sewing this makes their website the most resourceful website for people in sewing industries. Customers can make orders via the website and use PayPal as the fastest method of payment and the deliveries are made at the customers destination.

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