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Icon writing is not just an art. It is a unique spiritual discipline, and it is also a form of prayer that you have to deal with. The icon is other places is usually described as a reflection of God. This is one thing that flowed from the inner spirit of the icon writer. Icon wrings, therefore an item f deep reflection. It is s point of time where the icon writer is creating the gospel with light and color.

This has, therefore, brought controversy between town terms, icon writing, and icon painting. They are two distinct writers that people should learn to differentiate. The heart of this matter can discern the difference between religious art and the icon. An icon image will contain spiritual power and grace. The question, therefore, is, ‘how can this be done?’ The icon writer does this merely is through prayers and the different tradition of the church. This can as well be done through sacred geometric composition and scriptural comparatives and narratives and the intention of the iconographer in the aim of conveying the saints in the light Holy Spirit.

A deeper understanding of the icons is that they are meant to be the scriptures in unique visual forms. In the differentiation, you will find out that religious painting and an image have a significant difference. The picture will contain more of the artist’s interpretation and will follow the word of God strictly. It is a painting style that is known as mannerism. This is an emotive and also on expressive more than the scriptural scene at the end of the day.

An icon can also be considered a holy image. It should, however, not contain any synthetic or any artificial. The things that are used in the icon image ought to be purely natural. They have to be chosen carefully for painting and writing work. Of the icons. These are common material that can include the solid wood board, the linen fabric, a natural gesso and glues at the same time and clay. You can as well choose to use the gold leaf, the natural ground and raw pigments and eggs, in, vinegar and water. In these products, none of these have been manufactured or which have been made artificially. They’re the thing that is naturally existing, and this will carry on the pure and the holy nature of the icon at the end.

The part of prayer and contemplation will begin and will end the part of the icon writing process this will be the liturgical part of the art. It has been believed that when you involve prayer in the art of working an icon, the iconographers get to discover more and more insights. They also get to have an association in the practical aspect of the process and even on the scriptures in their spiritual state.

The demand of today’s icons is changing and moving towards the experience in the icon witting through encaustic technique. There are many other techniques that re coming up.

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