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Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Videographer

To some people, it is not important to research or read articles on choosing their wedding videographer. Some think that all they need to do is peruse through their footage, check their personality, plans, and feel and hire them. This, unfortunately, is how weddings end up getting ruined. Approximately four out of five weddings have been ruined by wedding videographers. Keep reading if you don’t want your select wedding videographer to ruin your wedding.

The first thing to look out for the wedding videographer’s style of operation. In your photo session, there is a time for formal and posed video footage. Normally all
weddings have two photo sessions. The one done before the wedding ceremony where girls and guys are separate and the second one is the one held after the wedding ceremony. If you ask me, wedding videographers should know that their only chance is when they are capturing posed footages, and here they should be good enough. They must capture every footage with all the professionalism of an event videographer. Event photographers and videographers should be unobtrusively capture an event and not interrupt it for people to pose or stage a footage.

Most brides are not aware of puppeteering. They think that they only need to choose a wedding videographer for this once in a lifetime event. It becomes disappointing if the select videographer does not meet their expectations. Some of them think that all shots must be posed to be perfect. Such videographers are the puppets and puppeters. They don’t let the bride and groom to enjoy their day. They don’t capture casual footages, and all footages should be staged, which prevents everybody from having free fun on such an important day.Professional wedding videographers should not keep switching lights on and off or walking up and down before guests. They should not be distractive in their bid to capture good shots. Professional event videographers should use tripods and stay at the back of the room and also use telephone lens. Finally, they should realize that the main parties of the wedding is the bride and groom and not them.

Professional wedding videographers should not extend the after-ceremony photo sessions. This is because, by this time, guests are getting ready to leave and are tired. You do not want your wedding to be remembered this way. Professional wedding videographers should only extend the photo session with not less than ten minutes.Wedding videographers should ensure they capture good shots of the wedding starting with the grand entrance, cake-cutting, first dance, bouquet toss, toasts, and garter toss among others. They should capture these shots casually and stay out of the way but be quite close to take enough of them. The bride and groom, as well as the guests, will, of course, see him here and there, they will also see camera lights, but these will not be obtrusive or distractive.

To conclude, wedding videographers should be experts and should be confident enough to take shots without posing for them. Wedding guests and hosts should be left to enjoy their moments without feeling manipulated like puppets. Nobody wants to go through their wedding reception under the control of a wedding videographer because then it stops being a ‘wedding reception’ and is sadly a ‘modeling session.’

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